Game Under Podcast 95

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0:00:08 Boys Are Back in Town

Trademark Banter
0:00:45 Phil Gets an Xbox
0:04:18 Phil Buys Three Switches

First Impressions
0:07:18 Tom Plays Wario Ware: Miocrogame$

Yakuza Minute
0:12:27 Yakuza Zero

Aaron Mullan
0:13:10 Review of Team Cherry's, Hollow Knight

First Impressions
0:15:12 Tom Plays Torment: Tiodes of Numenera
0:28:52 How to Know When an RPG is a Keeper

Topic Change
0:30:07 Kickstarter and the Nature of Patronage

0:36:21 Tom and Phil Reivew Bethesda's Doom 2016
0:36:42 Bethesda Bought id for $150 Million
0:38:14 Back to the Review
0:53:15 The Score

0:54:46 AAA and the Mid-Tier
0:58:56 The Mid-Tier Strikes Back: Mafia III
1:05:20 Scarface Games
1:07:20 The Verdict on AAA
1:08:30 The AAA Ghetto