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Resident Evil 6 & 7 Retrospective

By Aaron Mullin

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Tom Towers essay about Nina Freeman's 2015

adventure game


Cibele, an essay(?) First published Janury, 2018,  at

Tom Towers talks about why Cibele is significant.

  Joost Van Dongen Interview, e-mail. First published August, 2011,  at

  Tom Towers sits down with Ronimo Games' lead programmer to discuss Proun, Swords & Soldiers, Awesomenauts and avant-garde Russian geometry. And "QTEs". [laughs]

Tom Towers Reads in January, a compilation of reviews. First published, February 2014.

A High Wind in Jamaica: Richard Hughes
The Little Bookroom: Eleanor Farjeon
Mary Poppins: P.L. Travers
The Princess and the Goblin: George MacDonald
Cut My Cote: Dorothy K. Burnham

Tom Towers Reads in February, a compilation of reviews. First published, March 2014.

The Journey: Ida Fink
Speak, Memory: Vladimir Nabokov
Dandelion Wine: Ray Bradbury

Tom Towers Reads in March, a compilation of reviews. First published, April 2016.

Pincus Corbett’s Strange Adventure: Odo Hirsch
Lolita: Vladimir Nabokov
Do Android Dream of Electronic Sheep?: Philip K. Dick
If Beale Street Could Talk: James Baldwin
The Catcher in the Rye: J.D. Salinger

Tom Towers Reads in April, a compilation of reviews. First published, May 2016.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream: Harlan Ellison
The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus to Shore: Harlan Ellison
Hergé and Tintin: Philippe Godin
The Red Sea Sharks, The Seven Crystal Balls, Prisoners of the Sun, King Ottokar’s Sceptre: Hergé
The Silver Sword: Ian Serraillier, illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
The House on Mango Street: Sandra Cisneros
Mary Poppins Comes Back: P.L. Travers, illustrated by Mary Shepard
The Very Pulse of the Machine: Michael Swanwick
The Vane Sisters: Vladimir Nabokov
Tonoharu: Lars Martinson
Sign of the Green Arrow: Roy J. Snell
Intimacy: Jean-Paul Sartre, translated by Lloyd Alexander
The Fall: Albert Camus
Alva Boyle: Teller
Where We Must Be: Laura van den Berg

Tom Towers Reads in May, a compilation of reviews. First published, June 2016.
Go Tell It on the Mountain: James Baldwin
The Castle of Otranto: Horace Walpole
The Tick Tock Man: Harlan Ellison
God Laughs and Plays; Churchless Sermons in Response to the Preachments of the Fundamentalist Right: David James Duncan
The Final Solution: Michael Chabon
The Worshippers: Damon Knight
Another Country: James Baldwin
Damon Knight: Special Delivery
The Upanishads: Translated and edited by Jaun Mascaro
Eidolon: Harlan Ellison
A Study in Scarlet: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The White Negro: Normal Mailer
Notes on a Native Son: Eldridge Cleaver
Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street: Herman Melville
A Predicament: Edgar Allan Poe
Selected tales: Edgar Allan Poe; Edited by John Curtis
The Man That Was Used Up: Edgar Allan Poe
The Demolished Man: Alfred Bester

Tim Keenan Interview, Transcript first published July 2014, at Audio in Episode 48 of The Game Under Podcast.