Game Under Podcast 111

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0:00:52 I Got Tones

0:02:00 49 Flights of Loving

Final Thoughts

0:04:52 Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den and The Protector Files

0:14:00 Top Twenty of All Time Broached on for a few seconds.

0:14:59 Back to the Review

Tom Towers Reacts

0:26:25 Top 300 Games of All Time

Final Thoughts

0:32:35 Tom Reviews Metal Gear Solid

Podcast Commentary

0:37:36 Endless Podcast's 2018 GOTY Selection

0:40:22 2018 GOTY Recap

Ongoing Impressions

0:41:10 Phil's About to Finish Red Dead Redemption 2

0:43:27 Shakedown Hawaii from Brian Provinciano

0:45:34 Scarface (The Game)

0:48:46 Back to Shakedown Hawaii

Final Thoughts

0:49:32 Dr. Mario World

Commerce News

0:57:17 What Indie Game to Buy Next

0:58:21 Commodore 64 Mini

0:59:35 Nintendo Switch Lite

Topic: "Nintendo's Atrocious Internet Service"

1:04:25 He Said It

Both Hosts Review The Last Guardian

1:08:05 The Last Time we Talk About The Last Guardian and the Works of Fumito Ueda

1:16:00 Greatest Game Ever?

1:18:45 Seamless plug for

1:38:41 Ranking Team Ico's Games

1:40:15 2016 GOTY Recap (and 2002 GOTY Recap)