Game Under Podcast 114

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0:00:09 Thyphoid Mary, Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw and Axis Sally Morning Zoo

Content on
0:05:50 Prof. Stephen Hicks Book Review

First Impressions
0:12:58 Mario World Tour & Broader Discussion of Nintendo's Mobile Initiative
0:22:13 Subway Surfers and Roblox and the problem with kids today.
0:27:40 Lord of the Fries
0:35:18 Judgement, from the makers of Yakuza

Tom's New Computer Build
0:46:30 An Update, All the parts have now been purchased

Final Impressions Update
1:15:35 Sky Now Supports Controllers and the Ghost of Steve Jobs

Uncharacteristic Belabouring of a Point by Tom
1:27:04 See Topic

1:29:57 2006 Game of the Year