Game Under Podcast 112

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0:00:09 Page Under Podcast
0:00:30 Towers "others" Phil Fogg
0:02:02 Hyper Magazine Rises Again - Not Thick

First Impressions: Sky - The new game from That Game Company
0:03:47 Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago
0:07:27 Tom's Impressions of Sky
0:15:05 Ico Inspired? Market Access
0:21:20 That Game Company
0:22:20 Microtransactions

0:28:05 Micro Maniacs Racing

All Things Neon Genesis Evangelion
0:28:50 Japanimation!
0:31:05 Anime with Themes - Why NGE & Robotech is Significant
0:38:20 Germany and Japan
0:40:15 The N64 Japan Only Game - First Impressions
0:46:20 N64 Region Lock Talk

Booktalk - Book from Spec Ops: The Line Writer
0:48:38 Significant Zero by Walt Williams
1:02:39 What is Eco Terrorism? Will some one please think of the turtles?
1:09:12 Use of Flash Forwards
1:18:50 Spec Ops: The Line and ties to The Heart of Darkness