Game Under Podcast 96

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0:00:06 Hi

Trademark Banter
0:00:29 Corporate Media Video Game Coverage
0:02:35 Aaron Mullan's Nier Automata Review
0:04:46 Old Man Talks About Video Games
0:08:00 Phil Goes to GameStop

Final Impressions
0:11:24 Until Dawn
0:32:19 Spoilers until next segment for 2-year old game.

Feature: The Works of Quantic Dream's David Cage
0:42:15 Introduction
0:47:13 Omikron and David Cage's Tendencies
0:54:00 The FONT!
0:58:26 Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy
1:03:00 Heavy Rain
1:17:58 Beyond Two Souls
1:23:51 Willem Dafoe
1:28:32 Back to Video Games: Beyond Two Souls