Game Under Podcast 110

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0:00:12 Technical Difficulties

Trademark Banter
0:01:42 Computer Games

0:01:50 Indie Round-Up

First and Final Impressions
0:06:44 Tom Talks Tacoma Part I

0:07:45 Phil Speaks on Spyro Trilogy

0:10:15 Phil on Red Dead Redemption II Content
0:15:01 Some Article or Whatever

0:15:47 Big News from E3

0:16:39 TurboGrafx 16 Mini (PC Engine Mini) Revealed

0:18:10 21st Century Free Speech Article on & Story About WW2 Clay

0:21:08 "All Thoughts are Arguments"

Tom's Story
0:21:34 The Good Samaritan

Final Impressions
0:32:15 Yakuza 4

0:48:00 *Mild Spoilers*

Final Impressions
1:15:50 Tacoma Part II

Stuff You Should Know
1:30:40 Tissue Elevator Explained

1:33:15 Walt Williams Book: Significant Zero

1:35:15 Cultural Divide - Thank You For Your Service

1:38:03 Telltale is Dead