Game Under Podcast 94

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0:00:08 "The Bad Sequel"

Trademark Banter
0:00:26 Bad Sequels in Video Games
0:02:16 Plagiarism: Charlie Mingus Vs. Chocobos
0:03:35 Is Backtracking Always Bad?
0:05:40 Mafia III, Horizon, Yazuka Zero, Overcooked, The Last Guardian.

Inside Story
0:09:46 In Defense of the Current Indie Scene
0:10:39 Inside
0:11:45 Paul Nash
0:19:34 Towers on Inside
0:19:59 Story Spoilers, Gameplay Spoilers From This Point On
0:38:37 Starfox
0:41:20 Endless Hackjob's GOTY 2016
0:44:56 Our Score

0:44:41 Tom Towers, Ambassador of Indiestan
0:46:05 But First, A Firewatch Rant
0:47:12 Why Make These Games?
0:48:06 Why You Should Make Games
0:49:04 That Dragon Cancer
0:50:41 Virginia
0:53:15 Beyond Eyes
0:55:00 Dear Esther
0:56:12 Cybil
0:57:53 TV Show Black Mirror
1:00:55 Disintermediation