Game Under Podcast 69

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Games in today's show: Her Story, Life is Strange Ep. 4, Duskers,
Rocket League, Splatoon, Drive Club, The Witcher 3 (patch news), Mario Kart 8, Uncharted 3,

0:00:23 Sixty Nine

Trademark Banter
0:01:50 Tom's PC Problems
0:04:35 The New Wave: Splatoon, Rocket League, Mario Kart 8
0:06:02 Phil's Metallica Roadie Story
0:07:28 Back to The New Wave: Rocket League Specifically
0:09:02 The New Wave: Something's Happening Here - An Opening for Nintendo?
0:11:34 The Witcher 3 Update (still same topic?)
0:13:14 Creative Vision or Hubris?
0:18:18 Back to Witcher 3
0:21:18 Phil Foggets Torchlight's Name
0:22:54 Tom's Game Pricing Rant
0:30:57 Steam game Updates W.T.F?
0:33:16 Commentators Changing their Accent When they go to the Mainstream
0:37:32 Soccer Player Injures His Back on Bachelorette

0:39:52 Ouya is Dead
0:39:56 Street Fighter 5 Beta Sucks
0:40:01 Podcast Plagiarism Strikes Again Exhibit 001 and 002

Life Is Strange Episode 4
0:42:50 Tom's Impressions
0:49:25 Benefits of Episodic Gaming

First Impressions
00:56:13 Duskers (Alpha), and Tim Keenan is now an Honorary Australian

Final Thoughts (Scores Ahoy)
01:14:35 Her Story (ZERO SPOILERS)

Bonus Content
01:53:10 Rocket League Update
01:54:51 Drive Club
01:59:17 Splatoon (Unauthorized Content)