Game Under Podcast 68

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0:00:27 The Tom Tower Show, feat. Phil Fogg
0:01:15 Polyglot Defined

Trademark Banter
0:01:55 Tom Reviews Witcher 3 (and Filipino Singles)
0:03:25 Tarantino Summary
0:06:50 Back to Witcher 3 Review
0:08:10 When a Mockingbird Strikes II: Boo’s Revenge
0:14:55 Virtual Reality and Steering Wheel Rigs
0:26:00 Phil Tries to Wedges his Euro Truck Simulator Into the Show
0:28:30 True Grit: Action Films of the Last Few Years: Aesthetic of CGI and it's Evolving Form

First Impressions
0:34:10 Rocket League - The Beautiful Game Both hosts
0:35:30 RC or not RC? That is the Question.

0:55:53 Our Favourite Fictional Sports Games

1:00:52 Iwata Game Under Obitcherization
1:07:05 Hit Job?

Obscure News You Can’t Use
1:08:15 Yager Dropped by Deep Silver
1:10:05 Comcast Teams Up With EA For Streaming Game Service

First Impressions
1:19:30 MGSV: Ground Zeroes
1:40:45 Vociferousness V Punctiliousness

Final Thoughts and Score
1:46:30 Bayonetta 2, Will Tom Give it a 10?

Outro, Pimpage to Friends
02:27:30 Endless Backlog