Game Under Podcast 70

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0:00:25 Lack of Sponsors, No Body's Goin' Break Our Stride

Trademark Banter Interruptus
0:01:47 Towers Miserably Ill and Hosts Recount Fever Dreams

First Impressions
0:03:44 Tom talks about Fairy Fencer F
0:04:20 Tom Trolls Our Loyal Listeners
0:05:08 A Discussion of Fencing, Sword Play, Drilling Holes etc...
0:07:00 Discussion of Effuu Effuu and Final Fantasy
0:08:39 Back to FFF
0:19:45 Phallic Art, Phil's History With
0:22:20 Back to FFF

Trademark Banter Resumed
0:23:03 The Trouble With Running a Game Podcast
0:24:00 Tera MMO, and General MMO Discussion
0:40:15 Slot Machine Theory
0:45:45 Fake Australians
0:43:00 Gran Turismo 5 AKA: Crack Cocaine
0:55:50 2016 MX-5 (Miata) A discussion of Roadsters
0:57:45 Focus Groups
1:05:04 Dr. Dre's New Album Compton, Rise of the Snoop

Continuing Impressions
1:11:55 Rocket League

Trademark Banter (Did we mention the theme of this Big Show?)
1:16:50 The Ashes (Cricket Talk)
1:28:45 Tom's PC Problems
1:38:45 Sean Price Obiturized