Game Under Podcast 67

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0:00:17 A continuation...

Trademark Banter
0:01:24 Australian Culture Minute
0:03:35 Gaban Welcomed to

E3 Wrap
0:04:26 Yazuza 5 Dated for West
0:06:49 Tom's Reaction to Guerilla Games' Action RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn
0:11:18 Arkham Knight's PC Port Problems (and WB Reputation)
0:15:41 IGN GOTE3 to Battlefront
0:16:39 Uncharted 4, Tom and Phil's impressions
0:18:59 Tom's Tomb Raider Impressions
0:20:01 Schill for Endless Backlog and Our Impressions of E3 in General
0:20:50 Cuphead
0:24:30 Xbox One Backward Compatibility
0:28:45 The Last Guardian
0:31:10 Tom's Impressions of PSN+
0:34:01 Final Fantasy 7 - Tom Towers Gets Real. REAL!

Tom Towers on Witcher 3 (minor *gameplay* spoilers which are audibly sign-posted)
0:39:00 Final Pre-Review Witcher 3 Comments (Seriously I have not heard this stuff anywhere else)
0:44:20 Tom Towers, "Witcher 3 is Baroquen"

Phil Fogg's Splatoon Update
0:53:32 Episodic Gaming Disguised as AAA?
0:59:20 Single Player Explained

E3 Wrap-Up Continued
1:01:47 Tom's Perversion: Devil's Third

Digression: "So Bad it's Good"
1:03:00 Fogg's Problem with the Term

Back to E3 and Devil's Third
1:05:40 Itagaki, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden and Soul Calibur (DOA Extreme)
1:10:38 Metrolling
1:14:02 Super Mario Maker Vs. Little Big Planet
1:16:41 Apology to Stephen Frye
1:19:10 Nomansky
1:22:09 Need for Speed
1:27:32 VR

Digression II
1:38:04 Tom Provides an Example of "So Bad it's Good"