Game Under Podcast 66

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0:00:25 The Real Phil Fogg

Trademark Banter
0:02:12 Life Hack: Indian Call Centres
0:05:33 Leigh Alexander on Silent Hill - Not Bad
0:11:45 Fogg's Secret to Successful Content Creation (lol)
0:13:02 Tom's Swords and Soldiers II Review
0:16:04 Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson: Game Reviewer
0:19:22 Games Jornalism (yes, again)
0:28:24 Eurogamer's Rich Stanton on Kojima's Immaturity (or not)
0:37:13 Evening Prayers

First Impressions of Splatoon
0:37:50 Stolen from Polan'
0:40:08 But First a Word about Little Big Planet 3
0:41:00 Back to Splatoon - Motion Controls
0:44:34 Anger Management

Continued Impressions of Witcher 3
0:53:48 Tom Elaborates
0:55:45 Initial Boss is a Tease
1:03:00 Just an Western Action RPG With Detail?
1:11:30 Menu Issues

To Be Continued...
1:12:30 See You Real Soon