Game Under Podcast 65

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0:00:37 Enticing Gay Marriage, Skype Seductress.
0:02:00 Blu-Tak Talk

0:02:30 Stanley Kubrick's Splatoon
0:08:22 Seth Blatter's Getting Up: Content Under Pressure

Intro 2: The Sequel
0:10:35 Proper Intro

First Impressions from Tom Towers
0:12:30 Life is Strange Episode 3 (Spoiler Free)
0:16:55 Compared to Broken Age

Subtopic A (More impressions to come).
0:18:45 Backtracking, is it Always Bad? Halo 2, Broken Sword, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Devil May Cry 4.

Subtopic B
0:21:35 Devil May Cry Franchise Impressions

Subtopic C
0:23:28 God of War Franchise Impressions

Back to Life is Strange Episode 3
0:26:15 Episodic Distribution Done Well
0:27:35 Inconsistent Polish

0:29:10 Things You Didn't Know about Adam Orth (Weezer Related)

First Impressions from Tom Towers
0:32:08 The Witcher 3
0:37:30 Graphical Issues -- Irrelevant or a Conspiracy?
0:42:10 Character Models in Open World Fantasy Games
0:44:05 Character Animation
0:45:10 Witcher Franchise Discussion
0:47:00 Combat & Magic (In this game and over the franchise)
1:00:35 Compared to Elder Scrolls Franchise
1:10:15 Back to Combat
1:18:45 Hair
1:21:15 Back to Combat (Witcher II Related)
1:23:15 Magic the Gathering (Tom and Phil Squabble)
1:26:15 Back to Gwent

Good Old Games
1:37:05 Their New Beta and Steam in General

Tom Towers Cracks the FIFA Case -- LIVE!
1:43:15 FIFA

1:45:00 Follow @gameunderphil on Twitter.