Game Under Podcast 59

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0:00:26 Phil and Tom come out of hibernation.

Trademark Banter
0:01:23 Parental Warning Occurs Here.
0:02:09 Maniac Mansion Talk
0:02:26 Grim Fandango Discussion
0:03:21 Floppies
0:05:12 Tom Duel Weilds Current Gen Consoles
0:23:01 Phil Has No Games for his PS4.
0:23:24 Hyper Magazine is DEAD
0:31:30 Gaming Magazine Scene

Hardware Review
0:06:02 PS4 Controller Hardware Review

Trademark Banter Resumes
0:13:46 Network Speed, The Japanese Decline in Gaming and Toms Impressions on his PS4 Games (Drive Club, LBP3, Infamous: Second Son)

Trademark Banter Ends
0:33:46 Games We've Beaten Since Last Episode

Yakuza Minute
0:35:40 Y5 Coming to the West!

GOTY Precursor
0:36:40 Tom Says Something

Final Impressions
0:37:20 Wolfenstein: The New Order