Game Under Podcast 58

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0:00:14 Who Are These Guys?

Trademark Banter
0:01:04 Scott Pilgrim Review on NOW. Kinda.
0:01:52 How Great Is Windows 10?
0:02:43 Scott Pilgrim Review Proper
0:08:23 Phil Fogg Buys Games
0:09:45 Gamespot, Endless Backlog Talk
0:10:55 Dubious Ads on Endless and
0:13:09 Episode 57.5
0:13:45 Futbol in Australia
0:16:08 Saving Mr. Banks Comments, Subversiveness, Moral Spell Checks, Political discourse Obscenity.

Final Impressions
0:20:56 Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012
0:26:36 Back to Bed

0:40:21 Fogg's Ideal Game (and Call of Duty Black Ops Review).

Final Impressions
0:51:28 Sir, You Are Being Hunted