Game Under Podcast 60

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Trademark Banter
0:01:00 Jazzpunk Podcast
0:01:52 RFID for Cats and Zoe
0:02:29 Tom's Hopes for The Last Guardian &The Order
0:05:24 2014 MalAAAise Continues
0:06:46 Dying Light Review at
0:13:59 Hide and Seek - the Latest Craze
0:14:18 Killzone Minute
0:15:25 Yazuza: Zero
0:16:58 I Hardly Molyneux You
0:19:30 Types of Journalism
0:23:00 Where's the Beef?
0:25:25 Dodgey Plumbers
0:26:15 Repeat Offender Molyneux
0:27:00 Eurogamers Funniest Home Video
0:29:20 When a Mocking Bird Strikes II

GOTY 2014 "The Gundies"
0:31:00 Best Short Film Depicting an Understanding of College-Level Philosophy
0:35:53 Best Use of Benny Hill Song in a Game
0:36:26 Best Game Directly Impersonating Another Game
0:43:42 Nintendog's Award for Games featuring Exceptional Dogs and Cinematic Walking Award
0:47:48 Best Game That Tastelessly Co-Opted the Most Horrendous Events fo the 20th Century
0:51:50 The Seizure of Sarajevo Award...
0:57:21 The Deadly Premonition Award for Writing That Sounds Well, Read Aloud (The Lebowski Award).
0:58:47 Spoilers for South Park: Stick of Truth
1:01:15 Gasping for Airtime
1:01:39 Quotes from Jazzpunk
1:02:39 Ian Bogost Award for Games Best Deserving Academic Study
1:08:20 The Beatles Awrd for Celebrated Mediocrity
1:13:00 Trolling #1 Gunder Listener: Gagan
1:13:32 The Necrophilia Award
1:19:20 The Dear Esther Award for Best Writing and Conviction
1:23:00 The Metroid Prime 3 Award for That Would be the Best Game if I had not Played the Previous Games in the Series
1:26:55 Tom Explains the Souls Franchise
1:31:33 Call of Duty 4 For Best Rap in a Video Game
1:32:30 The Winner Of The Above Title Excerpted
1:33:45 Phil Fogg's GOTY 2014
1:46:45 Because Phil Fogg Now Hates It Award (Tom's Award)
1:47:35 The Six Axis Award for Games That Should Have Motion Controls
1:51:45 Tom Towers' GOTY 2014