Game Under Podcast 54

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0:00:20 Tom Host
Trademark Banter
0:01:20 Endless Pimpage
0:05:16 XB 360 Revisited
0:11:19 Taboos of the Podcast
0:12:00 Literature is Dead
0:15:00 Gamers are Dead
0:23:20 Killzone 2 is Dead
0:25:33 Skate 3 Reprint
0:30:40 One last thing about Wolfenstein: The New Order
First Impressions
0:30:15 Halo: Reach
0:42:50 Shovel Knight Chronicles of Phil Fogg, The Chosen One
0:48:40 Nintendo's New 3DS
Tom Towers' Aural Review of Mario Kart 8
0:56:54 ^