Game Under Podcast 55

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0:00: Poor Form Fogg

Trademark Banter
0:02:35 Minecraft Monkeys
0:08:50 Tin Drum Film Preamble
0:10:44 Ryan Davis
0:13:30 Giant Bomb These Days, Destiny and Endless Backlog
0:20:16 Destiny and the State of the Current Generation
0:29:19 2013 GOTY
0:31:03 Asura's Wrath
0:32:57 Best Mid-Tier Games
0:34:00 Papers, Please
0:36:30 Third Person Shooter Essentials
0:44:33 Go-Pro Hats in Melbourne
0:46:26 Binary Domain
0:47:47 Darts v Whack-a-Mole
0:49:40 Vanquish
0:54:39 Halo Reach and ODST
0:58:32 Reach's Happy Ending
1:00:32 Halo ODST
1:10:20 -Notes Illegible-
1:11:58 Sleeping Dogs
1:17:50 Steam Terrorism
1:21:49 Shovel Knight
1:25:00 Why the Lack of Diversity in Enemy AI?
1:26:29 Santa Banter Talks About language in reviews
1:34:39 Murdered: Soul Suspect Review
1:56:45 Advent Rising and Barraka Bahma
2:05:39 No Jive.
2:06:21 Bros before Hors d'oeuvres
2:09:16 Phil Fogg's Hookup
2:19:39 Mario Kart Goes to Pot
2:24:54 Nintendo's Dire Straits
2:26:43 Phil Solves Nintendo's Problems (Again).