Game Under Podcast 53

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0:01:15 Hello.

Trademark Banter
0:02:15 Big News
0:03:15 Sell Through Numbers. Do the Matter?
0:05:54 PS4 Controller Review
0:10:45 PS4 Media Options
0:13:28 IGN and Phil Fish
0:20:55 Why are consoles selling so well?
0:23:02 FIFA 15 and PES15 Update

First Impressions
0:31:06 PT (Round One)
0:32:15 (Immediate de-railing) Chiastic Structure
0:34:03 The value of addressing graphics in a review.

Final Impressions
0:43:36 Wolfenstein: The New Order
1:03:05 Misogyny Alert

1:04:15 Phil Apologizes to Tom (and explains the intro song)

First Impressions
1:05:24 FFX and Final Fantasy talk
1:13:00 Story, visual presentation and the relationship between the two.

Tom Towers Aural Review - Odin Sphere
1:22:48 Here we go
1:26:15 You can taste the colours
1:29:50 Fogg's hierarchy of personal expression
1:34:30 Scaling ambition to capability
1:42:00 "Pacing is the easiest thing to apply to any structure" - Tom

Final Impressions - PT
1:55:45 Friend of the show Dvader, calls in to review PT.