Game Under Podcast 52

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0:00:21 Tommy Towers

Preamble Banter
0:01:12 Demolition, man.
0:03:12 A letter to Tom.
0:05:52 Duskers - Misfit Attic's New Game Gets Funding.
0:09:40 Endless Backlog Podcast Update.

Trademark Banter
0:12:45 Topics We Will Retire Forever, Starting Today.
0:19:16 Noah's AR-K Chapter 2
0:20:47 Tom May Be Retiring From Video Game Reviews

First Impressions
0:21:28 Stealth in Games.
0:22:44 The 21st hour of Shovel Knight.
0:24:49 Transistor.
0:25:18 Cities XL.

Featurete - Polish
0:26:14 Polish, It's Place in Gaming.

Feature - Video Game Reviews
0:32:20 Magazines, then Internet, Now What?
0:34:06 Personality-Driven Coverage, Authenticity and Entertainment.
0:40:00 4 week, months, years whatever...
0:44:19 The Sort of Reviews Tom Towers Enjoys.
0:55:39 The Importance of Writing Skills.
0:58:58 Journalism and the Exploited.
1:01:57 Phil Fogg Taxonomic Exploration of Reviews.
1:05:52 I've Forgotten What I Started Figthin' For.
1:07:25 Stalin Hated Love.
1:08:10 Polygon's Review of the Last of Us.
1:09:57 Phil's Example of a Workman-like Review.
1:14:42 Tom Tower's Thinks That Criticism is Pretentious.
1:15:55 Tom - But they are still better than most enthusiast press reviews.
1:20:20 Phil - I Mean, Look at Movie Reviews.

From here on you are on your own, I have to get this show online.