Game Under Podcast 51

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0:00:07 Phil Fogg Resumes Control Over Game Under Enterprises
0:01:50 Sammy Sosa Softball Slam

Trademark Banter *Some Vague Spoilers for Last of Us^
0:02:05 Best Endings of the Generation
0:04:10 Worst Endings of the Generation
0:15:14 Weird Al Jankowich
0:16:15 Parody in Games
0:17:13 Abyss Odyssey's Problems (No review yet)

0:19:47 Cognitive Understanding 2D Vs 3D (Polygonal)
0:23:23 "Don't confuse the presentation of the game to the design sensibilities of the game."

0:24:00 No Man's Sky/ Minecraft - Game as ecosystem, not a goal.

First Impressions
0:29:08 Wolfenstein: The New Order
0:30:34 Wolfenstein 3D (Memories of)

Featurette - Phil Fogg Editorial
0:34:34 "Realistic" Video Games are still on the level of Puppet Shows
0:37:30 The Last Gen was on an Increasing Arc of Impressiveness
0:39:32 Tom - A Shift in Direction (films as well)

First Impressions
0:44:13 Wolfenstein: The New Order

0:56:17 Gender Roles
1:03:05 Why is There Chick-Lit? (And the hostile environment of gaming)

1:14:09 The News

Final Impressions
1:27:27 I Have No Mouth Yet I Must Scream (and extendend analysis of adventure games and literature)

Harlan Ellison Interview
2:22:35 ^