Game Under Podcast 50

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0:00:17 Tom Seizes Control of

Trademark Banter
0:01:45 Retron 5
0:03:46 Tom's Gaming Setup
0:04:42 Playing Consoles on a Monitor.
0:06:15 Phil's NBN Fantasy Comes True.
0:07:56 Wolfenstein.
0:09:26 Back to the Internet.
0:12:47 World Cup .
0:17:03 The State of Soccer/Football/Futbol Video Games.
0:19:10 Top FPS Games of the Generation.
0:20:53 Ludonarrative Dissonance (j/k).
0:23:32 What Makes a FPS? BLSFPS and ALSFPS

First Impressions
0:26:03 Sir You Are Being Hunted
0:26:27 Discussion of Are You Being Served?
0:30:50 Back to Sir You Are Being Hunted
0:34:53 Arrested Development & David Cross Story
0:37:37 Back to Sir You Are Being Hunted

0:34:55 Proceedural Generation

First Impressions
0:49:12 Arcade Craft

0:57:10 Atari: Business is Fun

First Impressions
1:01:15 Shovel Knight

Final Impressions (Spoilers Throughout)
1:30:25 Cormac McCarthy's The Road (A book)
1:55:15 Animal Crossing and The Road
2:02:00 Prose in Video Games

Final Impressions
2:04:00 Last of Us and The Road (Spoilers Throughout)
2:10:30 Last of Us' Advantage Over The Road
2:15:10 The Ending of The Last of Us
2:17:00 Joel, Come Here! Moment
2:21:00 Tom Re-writes Ending

Final Impressions
2:30:50 Criterion's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
2:35:57 Burnout Paradise
2:45:25 Arcade Racers
2:45:45 Wrecked, Mashed and Destroyed (Tattoo Story)
2:48:00 Future Cop L.A.P.D 2041