Game Under Podcast 49

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0:00:17 Tom Towers, Archivist.

Trademark Banter
0:03:02 Console Wars Book "Review"
0:08:04 Splatoon
0:13:06 2014 versus 2013
0:14:15 Nomansky
0:19:40 GOTGeneration... Where to start?

First Impressions
24:19 Wii U!!! U! U!!!! WII!!! U!!!

Final Impressions
0:35:47 Dragon's Crown
0:42:40 PS4 Remote Play
0:43:55 Watchdogs
0:52:14 Killzone: Shadowfall

1:07:30 Nintendo - Recalcitrance, Artistic Choice, Arbitrariness or Brilliance?