Game Under Episode 20

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Trademark Banter
0:02:05 English Cricket Team Tactics
0:04:35 Gamespot Killing User Created Boards and Unions

First and Final Impressions/ Thoughts
0:09:26 Papers, Please
0:14:15 Carmen San Diego Image Search (Without Safe Search)

Nintendo Coverage Special Correspondent Rob Lowzak
0:42:42 Pikmin 3
0:58:10 Wonderful 101
1:07:30 Game and Wario
1:19:30 Earthbound

1:30:30 Sony News
1:36:10 Mostly Erroneous Gamescom News
1:38:35 XCOM Declassified Critical Response
1:42:30 Saints Row IV Declassified Critical Response
1:47:30 Distributor Confirms Saints Row IV Delay in Australia
1:49:50 Shuhei Falls Asleep

SHOCK YakuzaKillzone Minute Returns
1:54:11 Yakuza Ishin Announced
1:56:50 Killzone 4 Mulitplayer Details

2:01:30 Did Elder Scrolls Online Just Commit Suicide?
2:05:00 The "Big" List of Confirmed Xbox One Games
2:07:00 XBOX coming With FIFA
2:08:05 GTAV Station List Leaked

2:11:30 Third-Person Shooters

Aural Review:
3:10:22 Max Payne 2