Game Under Episode 19

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Intro Music: Noir
0:00:19 Phil Fogg, Executive Producer, Returns with Tom Towers, Staff Writer at

(Not) Trademark Banter
0:01:40 Phil Attends State Fair (Spoiler Free)

Best and Worst of The Week
0:04:33 Tom's Best of the Week
0:05:24 Serial Experiments Lain (discussion of SUDA ensues)
0:12:20 Is SUDA an adherent to Auteur Theory or Avante-Garde?
0:14:41 Molyneux is Truly Avante-Garde
0:16:37 The Residents Prove You Can Stay Within a Medium and Still Be Avante-Garde
0:19:20 Is SUDA Limited By Lack of Resources/ Technical Tools/ Japan
0:21:54 Phil's Best of The Week
0:24:16 Tom Asks: PC Versus Console?
0:26:46 Tom's Worst of the Week
0:28:39 More (Not) Trademark Banter from Phil Fogg
0:29:41 Phil's Worst of the Week

Final Thoughts
0:31:38 Vanquish (Including Scores)
0:38:47 Thomas Was Alone (Our Highest Rated Game Ever?)
0:43:51 (Newsish) Volume, Mike Bithell's New Game

First Impressions
0:44:36 Bioshock 2 (in brief)

More Final Thoughts
0:45:34 Bastion

0:56:35 XBOX One Dis-Kinected (and conversation about EVERYTHING in gaming)
1:16:58 GTA5 Online
1:20:22 Splinter Cell Critical Reception
1:21:42 Duck Tales Critical Reception
1:26:53 Valve Vetran Leaves for Microsoft
1:27:55 NPD
1:36:15 Wii U Yakuza 1 and 2 HD Sells Less Than 2000 Copies

Tom Tower's Aural Review of Max Payne
1:37:54 Memory Games
1:45:45 A Discussion of Writing as a Profession
1:58:00 Sports Writing/ Radio and TV Personalities
2:04:00 Phil's Favorite Era of Writing (1915-1930)
2:05:25 Back to Max Payne

2:37:55 Video Games in News Search Engines