Game Under Episode 21

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Trademark Banter
0:01:20 Cricket Talk From One of Our Listeners

Best and Worst of the Week
0:04:25 Phil Names and Shames a Retailer
0:05:15 Tom's Best of the Week
0:06:30 Phil talks about Ready Player One

Papers, Please 10/10?
0:13:35 Phil Reconsiders


0:15:20 Borderlands 2 Coming to Vita 
0:15:40 Vita Pricedrop to $199 
0:18:30 2DS? More like 2D,YES! 
0:30:50 Windwaker HD Bundle $299 
0:31:25 Back to the 2DS (The design)
0:35:21 Nintendo Release Dates 
0:37:20 Rayman: Legends Critical Reception
0:41:50 Fallout: Lanius Mini-Review 

YakuzaKillzone Minute
0:45:00 Eu Getting Killzone Bundle with Extra Controller and Camera

Tom Tower's Aural Review
0:49:30 Max Payne 3 (contains slight spoilers of Max Payne 3)
1:10:40 Max Payne 1 & 2 Spoilers Start Here
1:23:19 Not Noir, Not Even Neo-Noir?
1:33:00 LA Noire The First and Last AAA Australian Game?
1:35:55 Baseball Bat Boy Talk
1:39:30 Damned if They Do, Damned if they Don't
1:40:32 Phil and Tom Write Max Payne 4
1:44:05 Pubic Afro Deficiency (Major Problem With Game)
1:46:35 Phil and Tom Write Max Payne 5
1:52:15 The Audio. Something About Witch House
2:20:25 Score Time