Game Under Episode 18

Stream below or right-click and download here You can also listen on Stitcher and iTunes. Why not subscribe to us on RSS? Phil and Tom leave it all on the field this week.

0:01:00 What? Where's Phil!? John Aarny Steps to the Plate.
0:01:30 Trademark Banter
0:02:25 Tom Exploits Phil's Absense By Pimping Zeno Clash 2 Review on (TM)

First Impressions of Payday 2 (The Beta)
0:03:10 What is New
0:05:07 Tom Towers Pulls a Phil Fish (encourages suicide)
0:07:39 John. "The PC Version is Better"
0:08:31 "Just Buy Payday 1"
0:09:18 John Gets His Hopes Up

Final Thoughts of Thomas Was Alone
0:11:01 John's Impressions
0:16:32 Tom's Impressions
0:18:45 I love Danny Wallace!
0:19:05 BAFTA History (Amazing)

First Impressions of Vanquish
0:27:05 Four Months Worth of Game
0:29:10 The most "amazing" 14 seconds of audio you'll hear this year
0:44:58 Awards Vanquish Has Received
0:46:29 She's a Looker

54:38 Carmack Joins Oculus VR
1:00:26 Nintendo Still Selling Wii U at a Loss
1:05:33 PlayStation All-Stars Island Announced for iOS / Android / Coke Zero [Free / Summer]

Some Impressions
1:12:45 Red Faction (yes, the original)
1:21:42 Another World
1:34:55 Tom Reveals His 10 out of 10 Games
1:35:30 Worms Revolution

Tom and John's Challenge
1:47:00 Beating 52 Games in a Year

Outro Song Introduced
1:53:30 Let's Get Randy