Game Under Episode 17

Stream below or right-click and download here You can also listen on Stitcher and iTunes. Why not subscribe to us on RSS? Phil and Tom leave it all on the field this week. Sure, we played some obscure games, but damnit, we make it entertaining as all "get-out". 

0:01:00 Tom's Contract With

Trademark Banter
0:01:42 Phil Accidentally Goes To a Video Game Store (Stories Ensue)

(Almost) Final Impressions
0:05:39 Atlus' "Zeno Blade 2" (PC, PS3, XBLA)
0:06:10 Chile Invented Giant Head
0:06:30 Zeno vs. Xeno
0:08:17 People With Old TV's Revolt!
0:09:00 Who is To Blame for Non-Compliance in Gaming on TV's?
0:12:15 *Final Impressions of Zenoblade 2 Resume*
0:21:00 Defying Conventions; Giving a Gun to Prove it is Not the Best Weapon
0:23:51 Why Phil Doesn't Design Games (according to Tom)
0:25:43 Tom's Thoughts on Mad Max

0:26:47 Phil Derails Zeno Clash 2 Impressions

(Almost) Final Impressions
0:30:35 Team Ace's Zeno Clash 2 (PC, PS3, XBLA) Resumes
0:37:40 Politics Done Right (according to Tom)
0:39:00 Mud Person

The Real Introduction
0:44:15 Phil Fogg: A Real Professional

Eurogamer's Review of Leisure Suit Larry
0:48:20 Oh Ellie Gibson :_(
0:50:48 Tom Ends His Career Prospects

Final Impressions
0:51:23 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

0:54:32 Sony Financials (and Real Estate Conversation)
0:55:49 What's Up With Insurance These Days?
0:57:00 Phil Is Not Bothered By Vita's Failure (and how it relates to Wii U)
1:01:43 Nintendo's Mixed Success
1:11:01 What Could Have Been at E3
1:12:37 Take 2 Files New Bully Trademark
1:14:02 Red Dead Sequel
1:15:03 Deep Down Details
1:17:05 Pikmin 3 Critical Reception
1:23:40 Valve Is a Lie
1:28:35 EDGE Magazine Ten Scores
1:41:34 Sir Alex Ferguson Plays Football Manager

Final Impressions
1:44:28 Retro City Rampage