Game Under Episode 28

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0:00:00 It Happens in Saints Row
0:01:42 Phil Wants To Shoot Things

First Impressions
0:02:56 Back to the Future Eps 2,3 and 4

Adventure Game News Wrap-Up
0:08:25 Walking Dead 2 and Lead Character Choice
0:10:12 Wadjet Eye Free Codes Stolen

Tom Interviews NIS
0:13:08 Phil Thinks The Questions are Too Long

Final Impressions
0:16:05 The Stanley Parable Demo
0:24:55 English Narators

0:31:27 Stanley Parable Removing Controversial Scenes 
0:42:27 Tiger Woods Dropped by EA 
0:46:36 Titanfall Launch and Exclusivity, COD and the Future of Shooters 
0:57:27 Call of Duty? Yes P's 
1:07:15 Nintendo and Sony's Woes
1:16:37 GTAV Sells 29 Million and Retreating Reviewers 

Tom Towers’ Aural Review of Saints Row IV
1:21:26 Will Tom Like It More than The Third?