Game Under Episode 29

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0:00:47 Introduction Theme Explained.

Final Impressions
0:02:43 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Spoilers)
0:10:40 Buddists
0:27:50 Steam, Where is the Quality Control?
0:31:00 Where is the Shelf-life for Video Games?
0:33:33 HD Re-mixes and Game Compilations

1:23:20 Retro City Rampage
1:25:30 Journey of a Roach

First Impressions
1:38:15 Driver San Francisco 
1:54:30 WWE2K14

2:11:15 News
Dude Gets XB1 Early 
Sony Multiplayer $50 a year or $10 a month 
Sony Opens Up a PS4 
Call of Duty Critical Response 
MS CEO Will 86 XB1? 

Aural Review
2:40:15 Pigsy’s Perfect 10