Game Under Episode 27

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0:00:10 Sprechen ze Deutsch
0:02:04 Reader Reviews

Final Thoughts
0:06:31 Dragon's Crown
0:07:00 Can an Influence be Irrelevant?
0:10:47 Can BEUP's Be Described as a Genre?

First Impressions
0:19:40 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch

More Final Thoughts
0:25:45 Goodbye Deponia
0:26:34 Metacritic Score/ Critical Response
0:29:50 Similarity to Monkey Island?
0:30:17 Analysis of German Humour
0:33:30 Contextual (Racist?) Humour and the Global Market
0:47:15 Japanese Humour
0:49:10 How South Park and Baseketball Ties Into This

Even More Final Thoughts
0:50:45 Back to the Future: Episode One

Indy Wrap-up
0:57:35 Phil Gets Tom's Thoughts on The Stanley Parable, Gone Home and The Wolf Among Us (Some Lesbian Content)

1:08:42 News
Critical Reception: Beyond: Two Souls
Nude Ellen Paige "Controversy"
Wii Discontinued in Japan and Europe
GTAV Online
Critical Reception: Batman: Arkham Origins

Tom Towers' Aural Review
1:40:07 Saints Row The Third