Game Under Episode 30

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0:00:22 Big Show Six is an FPS Special

Trademark Banter
0:02:00 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Control Scheme
0:04:44 Phil Explains Epiphiny of Ending of Enslaved (STORY SPOILERS)
0:06:58 Tom's Review at Laser Lemming of WWE2K14 
0:08:13 More Enslaved (Last Time, I Promise)
0:11:37 Journey of a Roach 

FPS Feature Part One
0:12:00 The Nominees (FPS Games Phil Beat This Generation)
0:14:00 Stagnation of the FPS Genre
0:17:05 "Mediocre" Games That Are Actually Must-Play
0:22:08 Tom's Honorable Mentions
0:28:12 Journals in Video Games
0:33:25 Cheesing as a Boss Strategy
0:36:20 Old School Elements of FPS Games

Final Impressions 
0:39:30 Tom Revisits His Review of Killzone 3 After Playing Killzone 1
0:43:00 Star Wars Versus Star Trek Spacecraft
1:03:55 Killzone 3's Story (SPOILERS)
1:17:30 Phil Reviews Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
1:19:50 No Russian (STORY SPOILERS)
1:24:50 Is Modern Warfare a FPS?
1:26:40 Aim Assist Inherent in Modern FPS

FPS Feature Part Two
1:32:40 Key Elements of FPS
1:42:50 First Person Action Games
1:57:08 Best Innovation in FPS
2:02:09 Most Disappointing Move in FPS
2:08:40 What Do We Want from Next Gen?
Final Impressions (STORY SPOILERS)
2:13:55 Tom Reviews Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (STORY SPOILERS)
2:57:00 Exploitation?
3:05:45 Politics of War in Games
3:07:45 Stormin' Norman

FPS Feature Part Three
3:16:10 Top Five FPS of the Generation
3:28:00 Most Notable FPS of the Generation
3:32:05 Worst FPS Games of the Generation
3:38:00 The History of FPS in Terms of Influence (Poland)

3:39:50 Killzone Critical Reception
3:44:45 Tracey Lien