Game Under Podcast Episode 114

In Episode 114 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers takes the Mario Kart Tour, but wishes he’d gone on a Thomas Cook holiday instead; he also tries out Sky: Children of Light with a controller, in anticipation of its console release. Phil Fogg shares his first impressions of Judgement, and laments the modern state of childhood, while yelling at a cloud.

And the final parts of Tom’s upcoming PC build, the Silent-but-Deadly Tower of Power, are detailed!

But most exciting of all, they discuss the superiority of fake meat and who they’d rather share a vegan milkshake with: Typhoid Mary, Tokyo Rose, or Lord Haw Haw?

Listen here, if the signal hasn’t been jammed.

Tom’s many-layered nonsense somehow came up on the show. Here’s a music video he made: