Stephen Hicks's Redemption; or, Lack Thereof?

In the final volume of Tom Towers’ 2018 adventures in reading, he posed the question: Could Stephen Hicks redeem himself? In the year 2019 Tom has continued to read, though not write about what he has read, except to answer this all-important question.

Incidentally, Australia’s version of the third (and lamest yet) Red Scare is the only version that actually features the actions of a communist government allegedly infiltrating sovereign institutions. However, it’s worth remembering that academic freedom requires some semblance of freedom of speech as well as the right to to protest. These two privileges may be expressed by collaboration with international institutions and self-censorship. To oppose such actions by law is to actually limit not expand academic freedom.

For more McCarthy cartoons, click  here .

For more McCarthy cartoons, click here.


While illustrating my answer to The Stephen Hicks Question (any suggestions for a final solution?), I came across this re-purposing of a McCarthy-era anti-Communist propaganda poster. This is the sort of thing that makes people think satire is a difficult business to be in these days. But I did write this, so as you can see, it’s really easier than ever! Of course, I wasn’t paid for writing it…