Game Under Podcast 104

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0:00:07 Introduction

Trademark Banter
0:00:28 Whiskey
0:04:14 A Reading of Topics
0:05:02 Santo, Sam and Ed
0:08:45 IGN Dead Cells Plagiarism
0:18:34 Nintendo NES Classic Console Mini Hardware Review
0:22:24 Cat Rescue Jacket/ Girlboss, our Netflix show

Feature - Silent Hills
0:32:13 Picking up from Ep 103 - Architecture
0:34:00 Architecture - How it Affect Gameplay
0:38:00 P.T - The demo for Silent Hills
0:41:35 Cursed Mountain for Nintendo Wii U
0:43:32 Mission Impossible movies
0:45:10 Progression and Meaningful Backtracking
0:54:00 Keiichiro Toyama
0:56:55 Pacing Toward End of Game
1:03:30 The Only Other Blemish
1:05:39 Sam Barlow, Her Story and Until Dawn
1:09:15 Critical Reception of Silent Hill
1:13:56 SWERY and Deadly Premonition
1:18:35 Where Would Silent Hill Fit in Terms of Great Genre Work?
1:22:01 Dario Argenta
1:25:28 The Two Things Games are All About
1:32:54 Gaming Phenoms: Doom and Fortnite, what Do They Have in Common?