Game Under Podcast 103

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0:00:10 Hi, and preamble Trademark Banter (secret content for subscribers)

Trademark Banter
0:04:33 C-SPAN Podcasts
0:07:19 Petrol Sniffing
0:11:42 Landcruiser Intervention
0:14:59 Harlan Ellison Eulogized

Final Thoughts
0:19:45 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit & Don't Knock's Other Games, Including Life is Strange: Before the Storm
0:20:02 D&D, it's dynamite!
0:24:00 Back to TAAOCS
0:25:12 Potentially Bad, But Interesting
0:28:15 Adventure Game Puzzles
0:30:25 Life is Strange: Before the Dawn

First Impressions
0:33:07 Silent Hill
0:33:49 Real or Not Real?
0:36:15 Play Silent Hill as a 9 year-old
0:38:42 Find Yourself in Church - Architecture Talk (again...)
0:51:45 Record Needle Rip, Hard Break

Second Half of Show
0:52:00 Non-Gaming Content