Game Under Podcast 90

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0:00:21 Hobo and the Narc

Trademark Banter
0:01:09 Hallo and Cześć to Belgium and Poland.
0:01:48 Fogg Uncovers WTO Scheme to Keep the Player Down.

Final Thoughts
0:07:41 Fogg gives impressions of this month's Games for Gold bonus; Sunset Overdrive.
0:21:03 Xbox One Streaming to PC Review.

Final Thoughts - Killzone: Shadowfall
0:25:32 Killzone franchise, Dutch satire and Spec Ops: The Line.
0:38:13 KillZone: Shadowfall impressions start here.
1:00:21 Killzone's Future.

Trademark Banter
1:02:18 Filling the Generation Gap.

Final Thoughts
1:18:21 Gunstar Heroes (Scored).
1:32:12 Metal Slug Series & the NeoGeo.
1:32:42 Tom Answers an Important Question.