Game Under Podcast 89

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0:00:20 Prolific Phil & Literate Tom,

Trademark Banter
0:02:49 Naughty Dog Hates Fat People.
0:06:27 Fogg Boycotting Uncharted 4.

First Impressions: Telltale's Michonne (The Walking Dead)
0:10:14 Both Hosts Discuss Michonne.
0:12:40 Larger Discussion of Telltale's prior game, and overall pacing in story based games.
0:19:25 Can Auteur Aesthetic Scale?
0:20:40 Final Fantasy 15, Square and of course... Yakuza.
0:22:20 Let the Michonne Impressions Begin!
0:23:15 The Essence of The Walking Dead.
0:27:17 Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.
0:27:15 Kim Mathis vs Jackie Brown.
0:29:45 Season Two of The Walking Dead - Final Impressions.
0:35:45 Fogg's Pet Peeve.
0:38:08 Towers Points Out "the problem with the French".

Trademark Banter
0:43:57 An E-Bay Mystery.
0:48:52 Fogg Buys Some Games.
0:51:07 Blizzard Trolls Critics.
0:55:30 We Go There.
0:57:23 First Amendment, Games, and Taking Offense.

Final Impressions
0:58:22 Rise of the Tomb Raider.
1:07:04 Female James Bond.
1:10:08 Master of Unlocking is Crystal Dynamics.
1:17:30 Tom and Phi Have a Tiff.

Final Impressions
1:20:20 Both Hosts Give Final Impressions of The Order: 1886.
1:34:18 Use of Setting.
1:37:52 We Go There. Again (GTA IV Alternate Plot).
1:45:33 Towers Predicts A Turn
1:56:37 Towers, " of the best thigs about The Order".
2:02:49 Scores? Towers Perplexes Fog
2:04:44 Towers Explains Tension