Game Under Podcast 63

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00:00:16 Hello.

Trademark Banter
0:01:54 It's called "Trademark" for a reason
0:02:55 Gaming Magazines Update - Hyper's Quarterly Review, GamersTM, EDGE and Game Informer
0:09:19 Features in Games Writing
0:10:59 Modern Criticism
0:13:03 The Problem with Australians
0:14:04 Soccertalk
0:15:10 Australia Gets Netflix
0:16:33 Back to Film Criticism
0:19:27 Games Writing on the Internet - an update
0:22:00 Gaming Forums
0:23:33 P.T and Konami Story

Tom Towers' Aural Review
0:27:26 P.T (and various Silent Hill games)
0:41:46 Tom's Beaten Games of 2015

Tom Towers' Aural Review
0:44:02 Life is Strange Episode 2

Phil Fogg's Final Impressions of:
1:03:33 Bayonetta for PS3

Tom Towers' Aural Review
1:10:09 Bayonetta 2
1:18:25 Story Spoilers for Bayonetta 1 (released 2008)
1:18:59 Story Spoiler Over
1:28:05 General Light Story and Gameplay Spoilers (Possible from this point on)
1:39:55 Hop Scoth and Combos
1:43:35 Torture Attacks in Bayonetta 2
2:15:45 Bayonetta 3
2:20:30 Bayonetta in Smash Bros.?