Game Under Podcast 62

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0:00:18 Uh, Hi :P

Not Trademark Banter
0:01:00 Pills and Lager
0:01:35 Futbol Talk
0:03:00 Winter is now upon us

First Impressions
0:05:05 Dangan Ronpa 2
0:10:45 First Aid

Tom Surprises Phil by Asking for Final Impressions of:
0:13:39 Costume Quest

Tom Towers' Aural Review
0:20:35 Bayonetta for Wii U
1:33:05 The Score, and Prediction

Proper Trademark Banter
1:42:20 Phil's Tales from the Game Shop
1:44:50 Tom's Gaming Drought/ Shovelware Analysis
1:47:10 Phil Buys some PS4 Games
1:49:30 Tom's Warning to Developers - Obiturization Complete - Gargamel
1:52:15 Trollin'
1:53:00 Our Favorite Star Wars Games and PC Serial Ports
1:54:27 Games We Want to Launch the Next Gen With
1:55:40 Games We Want Sequels Of
1:58:00 Respects to Fellow Podcaster Richie Benaud, who Recently Passed Away, On His Deathbed.