Game Under Podcast 75

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0:00:23 Big Show's are Explained

Trademark Banter
0:03:16 Games of the Year
0:04:20 Fallout 4
0:06:23 Skype is Better with Friends

Final Thoughts WITH SCORE
0:08:53 Both Hosts Discuss The Beginner's Guide from Stanley Parable Creator
0:19:00 Spoilers From Here on
0:41:20 Spoilers End Here and Score

Trademark Banter
0:43:35 Legends of Orth

Final Thoughts WITH SCORE
0:47:01 Both Hosts have Spoiler Free Discussion of Life is Strange Episode 1-5

Trademark Banter
1:00:30 Microsoft and the Status of XB1

Final Impressions WITH SCORE
1:07:45 Phil Fogg Wraps up PC RPG Undertale

Back o' the Box
1:17:05 Tom Towers Guesses Games

Additional Thoughts on MGS 5 Chapter 1 WITH SCORE
1:27:40 Tom Gets to the First (real?) Credit Roll

Trademark Banter
2:07:30 Latest Issue of Hyper

Final Thoughts on Life is Strange SPOILER VERSION
2:16:20 We Also See How Our Predictions Held Up