Game Under Podcast 74

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Cold Intro
0:00:00 SAG AFTRA Strike Vote
0:06:35 Game Under Takes a Stand

Intro Song Gets an Intro (For Once, Some Respect)
0:09:16 Song "Sung" By Tom Towers

Trademark Banter Taster
0:10:05 Our Legacy
0:11:25 Interstitial Update
0:13:38 Tom on Prime Minsters, Guessing a Game and Endless Backlog

First Impressions
0:15:58 Undertale (Frog Fractions 2)

Quiz Segment
0:35:00 Back 'o the Box Returns
0:39:59 Game Under Flashback GOLD

First Impressions
0:45:12 Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

First Impressions
0:52:41 Metal Gear Solid V's Online Mode

Trademark Gaming News Banter
1:08:26 Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone Memories
1:15:57 The Continuing Fall of THPS

Final Thoughts
1:21:46 Shovel Knight: Plague Knight

Final Thoughts and SCORE
1:40:35 Driver San Francisco