Game Under Episode 23

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0:02:45 No Trademark Banter. This Time We Mean It

First Impressions
0:04:35 Saints Row 4

Final Thoughts
0:13:52 Papers, Please (Major Gameplay and Story Spoilers)

First Impressions
0:48:21 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

1:00:50 Vin Diesel & HIS Diehard Gamers
1:03:18 Playstation Vita TV
1:08:04 Vita 2000 for Japan
1:13:03 Steam's New "Feature"
1:22:00 NPD
1:31:35 Tom Says Publishers Need To Sell Worse Games To Survive (And he's right)

YakuzaKillzone Minute
1:37:15 Killzone Mercenary for Vita Came Out
1:40:50 Tom Recants His 10/10 For Killzone 2 Multiplayer
1:44:20 What Could Kill Sony Instantly
1:46:25 Tom Suggest a Revision to Our Scoring System
1:48:30 Yakuza: Restoration is for PS3/4 and Vita

More News
1:48:55 Criterion reduced to 16 people
1:54:20 Hotline Miami "Controversy" 

Final Impressions
2:02:45 Left4Dead 1 (in Left4Dead2)