Game Under Episode 15

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0:01:40 Trademark Banter
0:02:25 Self-Referential Gaming P.R. (Tom's interview with the C.O.O of Neverwinter)

Audio Review Plus First Impressions
00:12:06 Hotline Miami
00:34:34 Music in Games (Still on Hotline Miami)

Feature One
00:37:31 The Aesthetic Redundancy of Synaesthesia [Dyad Review]

0:54:18 Atlus For Sale Again
0:58:28 NPD (and How Nintendo Will Solve Wii U... Maybe)

Aural Review
1:11:54 The Walking Dead: 400 Days (No Spoilers)

Feature Two
1:28:35 The Walking Dead Spoilercast Within a Podcast (Lots of Spoilers)

Aural Review
2:49:38 Bioshock 2 (Some Spoilers)
2:55:15 Phil Recants Last Week's Comments

Outro Song