Game Under Episode 14

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0:00:34 Introduction
0:01:12 Bioshock is Our New Overlord
0:01:49 Most Influential Game of the Generation?

Trademark Banter

0:05:04 PS4: To Pre-order, or not to pre-order, that is the question.
0:13:10 PS4 Launch Line-Up, Our Opinions.

Final Thoughts

0:16:09 Activision Hits Remixed (PSP)
0:17:54 How To Do a Collection Right
0:20:11 Best and Worst Collections in Gaming History (NB: Phil Forgets Super Mario All-Stars for SNES)

First Impressions

0:25:23 The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief
0:43:26 Cinematics in Games

Final Thoughts

0:50:45 Killzone 3 (Spoilers Throughout)
First Impressions
1:04:05 Halo Combat Evolved (HD) 360


1:07:45 Ryan Davis is Dead
1:09:26 Dota 2 Is Out of Beta
1:09:31 GameStop is No Longer Taking PS4 Pre-Orders
1:10:44 Last of Us Sells 3.4 Million Copies
1:11:59 XBLA Summer of Arcade
1:12:30 Insomniac's New Ratchet and Clank
1:17:29 GTA5 Gameplay Footage Released (and why Rockstar is like Kanye West)
1:25:16 Nintendo Coming to Terms With HD Game Development (and Ubi's Comment on Zombie U 2)
1:32:05 Digital PS4 Games Accessible From Any Console
1:34:19 What Could Have Been: SEGA/Sony Buyout

Aural Review 
1:35:57 Bioshock (Spoilers)