Inside Update

From what I can tell I am about halfway through Inside and am enjoying it considerably more than Playdead's debut game, Limbo.

Since it is a game with sparse audio design I decided to make a playlist with songs with the word, "inside" in the title.  This worked out pretty well, with a fair few happy coincidences popping in as I played.

So the songs in my MP3 folder were:
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again - Bob Dylan
Devil Inside - INXS
Inside My Mind - Groove Armada
Step Inside Love - The Beatles
Inside Job - Don Henley
Inside My Love - Trina Broussard
I'm Hurting Inside - Bob Marley
Deep Inside of You - Third Eye Blind

I have no idea how 80% of that got into my MP3 folder (I actually do, as an I.T. worker in the aughties I used to harvest MP3's off of PC's I worked on), but in any case... it was a mostly satisfying experience, as is playing Inside.

-Phil Fogg