Game Under Podcast 108

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0:00:08 Welcome

Yakuza Killzone Minute
0:02:21 Tom Finally Plays Yakuza 4/ Digital Foundry Analysis of Killzone 2

Trademark Banter
0:06:23 Our Go-To Loser Meal
0:11:52 Public Performance
0:12:32 Podcasts Are Back Baby!
0:14:46 C'mon Japan
0:23:55 Service Games
0:25:06 The Sonic Trailer
0:30:25 Eb Games Level 3 Baller

0:35:07 Game Informer Australia Shut Down
0:40:31 Riot Employe Walkout (Riot does not Ensue)
0:48:23 New Xbox Community Standards Rules (Fresh Take)

Tom Towers Derails Outro
1:02:48 The Demise of the Bithell Game Podcast
1:06:00 Lucas Pope's "new" Game.
1:09:24 The Voice of The report of The Week
1:11:14 The Warriors & Harlan Ellison's A Boy and His Dog
1:16:58 Mad Max Fury Road's Art Director