Game Under Podcast 86

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The High Orange Hobby Horse of the Apocalypse: A Complex Entity Composed of an Almost Infinite Number of Incredibly Simple and Minute Things.

In memory of Leigh Alexander.

The Parts and their Players:
The Ancient Vivisectionist: Alfred Hitchock
Pokie, the Orange Horse of Scurvy: Super Bunnyhop, Ahoy, Matthewmatosis, and Sunder
Tom Towers: Tom Towers
The Ghost of Podcast Past: Phil Fogg.
Hugo: Brandon deWilde
Irene: Diane Dors
The Poets: Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens and the vessels through which their words have been transmuted.  

Prologue: Alfred Hitchcock and Super Bunnyhop consider the nature of reality; Tom Towers heeds their words, but the seed which they plant is insidious and toxic…

0:00: Censorship of the Vivisectionist’s Apprentice
1:22: The Internet Atheism Bubble: Richard Dawkins' legacy is the internet meme; coincidentally, Richard Dawkins' meme was originally tongue-in-cheek.

Act One: Tom Tower’s humanity is in its death throes, as the seed begins to sprout for the atheistic bubble has burst, disseminating its poisonous pollen.

16:50: To Science
17:38: How Easily Can One Forgive a Dude Talking?: Ahoy, Super Bunnyhop, Matthewmatosis.

Act Two: Tom Tower’s is half man, half machine; lucid but unfeeling—yet signs of his humanity spark like static electricity in the circuits of his mind, expressed as impotent, irrational outrage.

24:58: Au Lecteur
26:04: In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was Post-Modernism: Sunder’s Shovel Knight walkthrough; a Symbol of the failings of videogame criticism in the video format.

Act three: Tom Tower’s descent into mechanical madness is complete, incoherent and frigid he is repulsed by the equally incoherent humanity of others: is man, now, merely a machine posing as a collective pseudo-consciousness in the form of the internet?

41:15: Journey of the Magi: departure
42:31: 9/11: The Event That Revised World History: how to misapply the three act structure, and the myriad ways in which one may be conditioned into misunderstanding another’s or even one’s own culture.
52:05: Journey of the Magi: arrival
53:10: Philosophy: what is it good for?

Epilogue: The ghost of Phil Fogg inspires in Tom Towers one last redeeming glimpse of his own humanity.

58:13: Anecdote of the Jar
58:48: The Ghost of Podcast Past: Tom Towers finds redemption.