Game Under Podcast 88

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0:00:33 Not BTTF, Just BFFs

Trademark Banter
0:01:02 Metallica Roadie Story.
0:03:08 *Spoilers* Africa and Western Australia Conquered by Game Under Podcast
0:05:43 Gold. Just Buy Gold
0:06:47 Global Under Podcast
0:08:47 Endless Backlog Spoilercast for Life is Strange
0:12:08 What Teenagers Want to Play

0:17:21 Tom Towers Games of the Year
0:17:55 Giantbomb Wikipedia Award
0:30:09 Tom Has a Stroke, LIVE, on the Show
0:30:55 We Score Stardew Valley... Yes. Like I said, Tom had a stroke
0:33:00 The Order 1886 Introduction to Tom Towers Games of the Year
0:57:30 Carwash Story
1:08:20 TAN TAN
1:17:15 Sausage Talk
1:38:30 "Populations, Degradation, it's Culmination"
1:43:30 *Hotline Miami 2 Scored*
1:45:06 The MLG Olympiad Podium and Honorable Mentions

*No more timeline from here, it would be spoilers*

2:17:45 Analysis of Awards
2:27:45 What Games Tom is Looking Forward to in 2016

2:43:00 It Continues